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We are the most significant European corporation involved in the growth and development of start-ups and companies active in accessories and finishes of the most renowned luxurious brands at the international level.

We conceptualise and supply solutions and technologies to the large prestigious groups and brands of the industry, ensuring Italian craftsmanship as well as industrial quality. We guide people and businesses in the achievement of their objectives, in the knowledge that only through continuous evolution, can we find the formula for success in the here and now, and for tomorrow.
To successfully transcend the forces of change and to evolve, every human being needs to be driven by a survival instinct towards a continuous and “intuitive” search for improvement. Only this way guarantees safety, evolution and the development of oneself and those with whom time and space are shared. Therefore, every leader has to first identify and understand signs of market change. When certain opportunities and sectors no longer promise future surety to them and the community, a timely decision is needed in order to explore and tackle alternative options.



We want to be recognised for what we do, but predominantly for the style, dedication and the specialist-approach with which we operate – because this is what represents us. We believe that “method” speaks for our human and professional qualities, and those of our craftsmanship, which for us means “involving ourselves” entirely. We admire the sector within which we operate because of its prestige and luxury, but above all for its capacity, its ‘living’ in the present, in this land, in epitomising the authentic Made in Italy.

To us, every person is a precious commodity, an asset, a value, regardless of their gender, origin, life’s journey or professional vocation.

We seek and select competent and talented staff, but most of all, those with personal and behavioural skills which render them positive and motivated.

We invest in and foster the utmost consideration for human capital as the only asset capable of constantly evolving, regardless of influence, while resisting the temptation to doubt and undervalue oneself, notwithstanding market and industry ups and downs.


Distinction, Eternity, Protection

We are artisans at heart, with our hands, in our actions, in our thoughts, and from our outlook. Industrialists by necessity, and because financial rewards will always bring a smile.

The entire production chain, which collaborates in allowing us to achieve quality in our final product, is intent on perfection.  Starting with the operations of our installations, we measure water purity and the performance levels of all activities, verifying the integrity of every single item we produce multiple times over.

We place extreme importance on both the welfare of all our staff, and on their peace-of-mind.

All this to produce and safeguard marques which represent the brands to which the world aspires, insignias of distinction capable of challenging time, fashion, and to satisfy passions.

Our numbers

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This course, entitled Master Executive in Management e Comunicazione per l’Industria Chimica del Lusso (CHEMALUX) is run by the University of Siena in Italian, and in collaboration with LEM INDUSTRIES SPA to train students new managerial competencies for the fashion and luxury accessories industries.
CHEMALUX is for those who intend launching a managerial career path in the chemical industry where the luxury goods sector is concerned. The CHEMALUX course, unique in Italy, provides the competencies necessary to analyse market scenarios, render respective production processes more efficient, and enhance final products in terms of innovation and sustainability.


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We’re always looking for eager people with ambition.

luxury for luxury